One Again

The truth is more than factual.
It reaches through invisible.
And finds itself imbedded in our flesh.
Where touch and feel are intermeshed
and make our spirits fly.
Our duty paid without regard.
The working days too hard, too hard.
Our youth is spent.
The river bend is beckoning again.
With more than two forks in the road.
Another chance to feel and choose
the universal intimate of right.
Life itself still revels in experience.
Of loving days and nights that flow
within eternal streams of reverence.
The then and now become as one.
There's clarity within the sun and stars.
A summer's warmth.
The winter's chill.
A loving heart carved in the snow.
With full moon shining down
to show the way.
Remembering the days
when we were made to walk in sync,
arms of loving wrapped around each other.
Craving it again, that something more.
Each step another flight into
the birth of one in me and you.
Seeking truth beyond the facts.
Needing still to interact that way.
The morn upends the starlit night
and still there is another day
to make it right. Within the feel.
That's all that's real.
Reality and fiction,
like sensation and emotion,
one again...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2005 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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