Standing on your own is overrated.
Pushed and shoved with no support supplied.
Named an individual, then taught to walk
amid the herd - head hanging as you merge
to nothing more. Just another piece of beef
to feed the crowd. It isn't fair. You see it clear.
But you are pushed from far and near
into another stalled, repeating fear.
The habits of a mind too long alone.
It seems as if society were cloned.
The pyramid is pushing you into an early grave.
You're suffocating deep beneath another wave
that leads to a prosperity that's reaped by
someone other than the self you came to be.
The groupies leer. Peer pressure never ends.
You age and find there never was a blend.
United by the internet, you send another
message of appeal. It's lost within another
ounce of growing market zeal. There's
no one there to care. The existential stares
at you from other world's glee. The many
practice what is called an individuality.
The market has been swamped with worker bees.
And so you see - that standing on your own
is overrated by their fiscal history...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2004 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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