Repeating Repetitions

Duty and honor. Familial order.
A patriarchal, sordid atmosphere.
The picture on the television clear.
A mutant fame found in the video games.
National decisions.
Where the future would be given
into the hands of someone else again.
He watched the news
and read the stories in the papers.
Systematically, he ordered everything.
Caught within the loops
of those electrified machines.
Obsessed by ancient ways and means
that turned into more acid rain.
Ignoring the reports that told him so.
It used to make him feel so safe.
But now his heart began to race.
The doctor's diagnosis claiming stress.
There were no answers waiting
in the mass of information he received.
He felt as if he had become diseased.
There was no cure. That was the lure.
Indentured within their unfeeling care.
To extricate himself would seem extreme.
Like falling into other, unknown dreams.
And so he stayed his every urge to move.
Like an old record stuck within the same old groove.
Repeating repetitions of the same...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2005 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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