Shrinking Back

The world shrinks.
We draw back in.
Within an age
we cannot seem
to really understand.
Expanding in,
we come to see it
differently than most.
Hosting many viruses.
We never were immune.
We tired out.
They blamed their moods on us.
Parents yelling up above and
children whining down below.
We never had a chance
to really get to know
the who of what we were.
Slowing down.
The steam is gone.
Suffering is all around.
We shrink again.
The world draws away.
Distantly, we hear the children
playing yet another video game.
While wondering if all that change
had ever really come from us.
We find we cannot trust
the many others anymore.
The neighbors send
the black sheep of their family
to our doors for the scraps
of that old sanity, forgotten.
Sunk back into days when our families
were sacrosanct instead of only rotten.
Quivering, a memory arises.
Feeling once again those blue horizons.
Wishing that we had it back.
The loving and the lack.
While there, within the shadows,
haunting voices whisper in our ears.
They never understood our tears.
The passive of aggressive moves along.
Singing yet again a favorite song.
Those lighter shades of pale still live on.
And then beyond all will we find,
we're shrinking back in time and mind -
into ourselves again...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2005 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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