Silence Reigned Again

Gloomy skies refused to weep.
The sun came out and she began to rain.
She couldn't stand the stress and strain
she'd lived with for so long.
Forced upon her, crushing her inside.
Swelling at the seams as time went by.
Living in his world of great extremes.
Terrorized by images in dreams.
(Somehow they seemed to come from him.
It felt as if he'd left her all his sins.
Mea culpa, that's where
these threads lead.)

Balance gone, the structure threatened.
Tremors causing cracks within the walls.
Crying out. No answers ever found.
He was the cause. She was the reason.
Blame became a deathly game of treason.
The windows warped. The air became
too hard to even breathe. Cold and cruel.
Still searching for a sense of her release.
Shamed into an ugly life of fame. Fruitless
clawing at the window pane. Weep it out
and close your weary eyes.

Your mother used to sing you lullabies.
With babies falling out of boughs.
Between the bouts of anger brought
with change they saved too long to e'er
be spent. An insipid sense of violence
that lived within a scent of mimicry.
An evil glint of hated memories.
Shining bright within their dying eyes.

A man and a woman. A husband and a wife.
Stuck where all the falls and failures
came to haunt their full but empty lives.
Narcissistic reprimands to blow it all away.
Turn around and blink your eyes,
it came back anyway. Protection
turned into a great projection. Objecting
to it all, the children really ran away.
Keening through the empty spaces
left within the day of night's despair.

Ranging through the alleyways into
a world of flat and fearsome dark.
Lingering just there, in their disease.
Crying to the doctors to appease
what they'd created. Finding that there
never was a cure. He ran away.
His death was all that stayed.
She lingered on his point of no return.
As painfully, the fire burned in fits.
A cancerous objection to the candles
never lit nor prayed upon.

Night was falling yet again
within a glint of ever setting sun.
Hopelessly indulging
in the digging of her grave.
A wave of peace -
and silence rained again...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2004 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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