Silent Sound

Shadows dwelling in a silent sound.
Images that never could be found
within their stated, sated, scientific,
gross reality. Passion rising, clinging
deep within. Never spent on all their
many sins. While there, in the darkness,
the energy spoke of promises broken
by all of the time they declared.
Speaking out as if their words meant more
than just another scam. Composed of greed
that never chose to come to know the need
of heart and soul. While there, within the shadows,
growing greater with each beat of heart, the start
became the end in just a glance. Sight opened up
to sup upon a greater good that must survive
them all. There, within the source that rose
within their endless fall. Let it go and set it free.
You feel it too - this numinosity.
Sinking deep and rising high.
You almost feel it in the endless sky.
Then look again, with spirit eyes.
And find the truth revealed.
The seven seals were broken long ago.
Upon a cross constructed on a hill.
God never gave His mercy to the many
that conceived of his Son's death of misery.
As His mother and His lover turned
His pain into an utter resurrection.
While still, the crowds congeal
on each hill to catch an awful thrill
of never meant to be. Unable to achieve
an understanding that involves their
heart and soul. Unwilling to believe
it ever mattered to the empty shells
they call their lives in time.
Denying the divine in favor of
a fleeting moment deemed sublime
within the limits of their merely human minds.
Lost within the emptiness of time.
Like shadows dwelling in a silent sound.
The meaning of their lives could not be found...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2005 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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