You sought his strength to hold you up.
He rammed it into you.
Unparalleled, the damage done.
He left you even as the sun
was seeking the horizon.
Still you went on.
Trying to redeem your form.
Attempting yet another healing.
You found yourself beside the pond.
Sinking into depths of airless wonder.
Wandering where he had never
ever dared to go. There, into
the shadowlands that lived
around his heart. Seeking
yet another understanding
that might lead you to forgive.
He hid from you, until the worst
was settled there within.
A pretense, all the offer of his strength.
The need was great.
You felt so vulnerable.
And then he rammed it into you again.
Oh God, descend, and take me to your heaven!
His mistreatment of you never could be love.
Attraction left. You felt bereft.
His pain invading all your movements
lived into the morrow. Your youth
was quickly growing old in him.
Long and long, you pondered
the complexities withheld.
Until, somewhere along the line
you tripped into a magic mirror -
and there beheld the strength
that must be you...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2005 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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