Stuck within a system
that will never give a damn.
Finding out Prince Charming
really loved another man.
Or perhaps he only ever
loved himself. Idealistic dreams that
were killed by his handy lance and sword -
and so much more within his secret spots.
Where pleasure played without a jot
of strength or his responsibility.
Straight, his path of linear abnegation.
Heart and soul that seek reactivation.
Atrocity, the art of prejudice.
Living in his world of great duress.
Fear erupting. Terror structures
turned into his rules of every move.
She left him there, amid his toys
where he could play with all the other boys.
The child inside of him had taken over.
Playing games of war for an unspoken
list of grief and grievances.
Searching for a mother figure
to forgive the sins of his indulgence.
Marry her and own it all - her essence.
Fighting like a devil of pubescence.
Uncontrolled, his urges took him over.
Tossed and turned beneath the host
of covers that his coven had unearthed.
He watched the demons play and craved
a coven of his own. Desiring idealized
obsession. Torturing the others to
confessions that held not a speck of truth.
Idolizing flesh that held the youth
that he had lost so long ago.
Then sitting back, he watched it pass.
Absorbing energy he never earned.
No matter what the others said,
he'd learned to play the devil's games.
Outdistancing the demons that remained.
While they were stuck within his systems
that would never give a damn.
Neither would he...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2005 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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