The days go by quite out of sight.
The inner urge is strong.
There's so much murky water left.
It builds since he's been gone.
As if their minds had never grown together.
As if the highs and lows he lives don't
alter all her moods. His pretense
became righteousness so very long ago.

He fights as if his honor were at stake.
When duly noted, honor never lived
within his heart. A lift, a breeze.
Resentment oozes through the ties that bind.
One to any other of its kind. Directed,
then they really are much more
than just unkind. There is no fortress
strong enough to bear the weight
his loneliness conceives.

She thinks of him, and finds herself
right back upon her knees.
Perhaps the greatest wrong is that
it never had to be that way at all.
She wonders through a lovely field
of song. Remembering a love that
once felt strong enough to live
above it all. In memory, it turns
itself right back into the fall.

Insistence on his otherness creates
another stream as water falls.
She slows. She stops. The water
is too hot. Her wandering attention
is not healthy anymore. He took
her store of happiness and walked
right out the door. Bringing back
another load of pain.

And so his seeds were planted - very deep.
Now he is gone.
Years have passed but still his pain goes on.
A macho man that claims to feel no pain.
A moment's bliss that ran too strong.
It catapulted heaven and was gone.

Swimming in the murky spaces where
he locked love in. While underground
his radar did the same. Apart but still
connected while his apex sunk to core.
She really couldn't love him anymore...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2004 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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