That They Feared

For the greater good.
So they were schooled.
Within a great democracy
that never quite came real.
Religiously surreal, the definition
of those ever great denials.
Demanding so much more
than any type of individual
could ever hope to give.

While here, within the distance,
all the beauty of this life on earth
was waiting to be viewed.
Smothered by the machinations.
Dying out in their quotations
of those stocks that never should
have bonded to a market value.
For too long have they named it industry.
Cybered, space became a vacuum.
Reaching for the emptiness they willed.
Where every feeling ever felt went numb.
There, within a space that had been drugged.

Numbed by the subliminal subversions.
They walked the path of every soul's aversion.
Spirit dying deep inside the outer realms
where dreams were murdered as the rage
and anger overwhelmed the best of
all that they might be. If ever they might
find a space to be outside society.
That must be free, their prayered thought.
Engraving imagery that might be bought
when sold. But minds would meld,
without their constant intervention.

Connections, made of gold,
could yet be broken. If only
they would open eyes to see.
The inner realms that glowed with
worlds meeting worlds in utter harmony.
Creating here, at last, a symphony.
Written in the words of every-man.
As digits rose within the coming span
that must abhor their overwhelming
over-use of industry.

It was never a vacation that they needed.
The endless inborn need was ever seeded
in invisible, yet deadly realms of yore
that reached too far into their ever-after.
Never quite enough, they strove for more.
But more of what or when..? or most
importantly - in feelings held within
the life they lived. Confusion reigned.
Their questions still unanswered.
Turning yet again into the cancer
that they feared, so desperately.
Growing up within these modern
times of their diseased society...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2005 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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