The Call

The prism of the eye distorted.
Nothing real would be reported.
They thought their sight was clear,
but yet they erred. Clouded by
their past experience. Shrouded
by the grief this life will lend.

The finale was imminent.
Last act of the play.
Last chapter unfolding.
Where destiny lays.
But this was real.
The meaning of all life at stake.

And she could find no happy ending
in the wake of that unaltered view of time.
There was something stirring deep inside.
Within her heart, within her mind.
Giving up had not been her forte.
Surviving the catastrophes
had never been enough.
She'd always been so tough before.

Her weariness had been long stored.
Now the future looked so bare and bleak.
To roll down hill well past the peak.
Lessons learned and then discarded.
Backing in, then pulling out.
Too many memories that hurt.
And now she sought the great escape.
Into the night where dreams were ripe
and one might step across the threshold
of untime.

Meandering in lazy circles.
Drinking elfin wine.
Held within the skies sublime.
A mountain stream that sings an endless sigh.
A scent of dusk. The night was nigh.
The cool wind uttered silent rhymes.
A shiver creeping in beneath the warmth.
A touch of love within the pending storm.

So simple then, unearthly play.
Bending in the wind to sway
a million miles away.
And then to stand alone within the whole
with magic moving, beckoning.
Unaware of that one other
threatening your soul.

Torn between the old and new.
Held back within a thrusting zeal.
Lightning slashed the dull and silent air.
Pretending that you really didn't care.
When what had mattered most was gone.
While blues became the only song you heard.
Sparkling clear - your vision blurred
by tears that never could appease your pain.

The mists were rising, but it wouldn't rain.
Changing shapes of awesome scapes.
It seemed they had been swept away
by forces that could never be predicted.
Forms reborn, at base remain the same.
Until a starlit startling descends.
Upending every settlement again.

And that feeling returned.
As if the finale were heartbeats away.
Opening curtain. Last act of the play.
The tale had been written long ago.
Last chapter unfolding.
Where destiny lays.
While the fates keep withholding
the call...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2005 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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