The Chart

As if fate had plotted out a map.
Its emotions stole into my soul.
Searching for a whole that can't
exist in manmade time.

Destiny encoded in an unknown DNA.
Letters written out in trance displayed
within another universe. Commands
too terse to be deemed make-believe.

As our lives extend into the curse
of ancient history. Course engraved
upon a field of ever-dawning tapestries.
Future now revealed in the past.

Insisting on a life without the masks.
Worn down by tasks devised by minds
too devious for understanding.
Distraught, their reprimands would take a toll.

Church bells chiming desperately.
Ringing out their manmade history.
For gods that never really reach their minds.
Repeating times of victory in images.

Strange, the change, that stole their love away.
Buildings burdened with a wired light.
Burning in the bridges of lost time.
Voices calling deep within the night.

Breaking through the transitory trends
of chosen lives. Listen!  Hear it
singing in the wind. A winsome song
of love that never ends.

Feel its sweet survival in your heart.
Abandon habit for another start.
Love reaching in to pull it all apart.
A different path upon the chart
that speaks of meant-to-be...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2005 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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