The Demon

The demon needs.
A fantasy's obsession.
focused on the darkness unperceived.
Pretending that in daylight it believes
the pretense of a bold society.

The demon bleeds.
through repetitions deemed
another charity. Rage building in
the chambers where it seeds
its progeny. Damp dizziness
promoting hues of numbness
in its old but ever icy reveries.

The demon sees
its goals grow bold in poverty.
Magnetically attracting misery.
Mindset of alone. The goal is won.
Scattering through gross reality.
The shadows of the light
are now conceived within
a deep-set mystery.

The demon's greed
lives on within their sanity.
Voice-over of banalities decreed.
The teachers taught.
Their children fought.
And lost the light of golden deities.
Abandoned by the right, the wrong
was free to earn another warped degree.
Converging at the universities.

The demon's creed.
It rides the night within their dreams.
Obsidian of manly mellow deeds.
The pastels fade into epiphanies
that only hold a worth in manmade things.
The angel weeps. The devil sweeps
the endless choir's pleas aside.
The voices rise again in indignation.
Listen! Hear the modern incantation.
It draws another demon full of need...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2004 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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