The End Endures

The end endures.
For long and long before
it finally seems to settle down.
Standing out in stark bewilderment.
Haunting every memory come after.
Terrified, the look life left
within her deadened eyes.
Left wide open then.
As if to say we mustn't
follow there.

The end endures.
For longer than a picture
captured on a DVD.
It stands between our eyes.
It's all we ever seem to see.
It's over now. Into forever.
Unreachable by touch
of human hand.

The end endures.
In ways we never could.
This death is real.
Intimately screened and
then redeeming her from
all the pain she felt.
At last, her soul became
no more than airy mist that
reached beyond the screams of misery.
Deepening into the mystery.

The end endures.
Echoing through everything.
Vibrating in awful pain.
Ended, but it just won't leave.
Not from any life that we retain.
It spreads and hovers.
Taking over days and nights
of endless disability.
In blasts of light
that blind our eyes.
The ending still endures...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2005 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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