The Mirror

Changing pictures. Starlit hues.
The mirror's mist became too blue.
Perception alters all that is.
In twists and turns of shadowed threads.
Unified connections do it too.
Uncountable, the sacrifices.
Souls aglitter through the crises.
Drawn into a ring that seems perfection.
Alas, they wake painstakingly depleted.
Too many of their tasks left uncompleted.
Unendingly, the light will burn.
Unfortunately, no return is found.
Invisibly, it bleeds them towards its death.
Ash to ash instead of lasting bliss.
Passion that can't turn into a kiss.
Too hot amid the bitter cold reminders.
Particles adrift in space.
No touch, no scent, no sound, no taste.
Utterly alive in all alone.
Adrift without control in the unknown.
Amid the changing pictures of perception.
Amassed within a light that brings recession.
Starlit hues that come and go.
The mirror is a stepping stone.
Let it go and finally be free...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2004 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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