The Road

A road that walks beneath our feet
Reaching for the distant beach.
Where earth and water mingle, free.
And night and day find destiny
become a dark and damaged thing.
Floating dead within the oil spilled.
In phosphorescent colors of their dread.
Watch it drift up to the shore.
The poisoning goes on and on.
Somehow a demon led me there.
Adrift in unimagined openness.
Releasing all the stress of everyday
for just a moment stolen out of time.
'Twas then a road began to walk beneath
these feet of mortal clay. Beyond my will
or want, it moved me on. Uncontained
by any good or evil. It simply was,
and in its state of utter being,
moved me so.
The rush of galaxies was slowed
by its involvement. The spheres
of sun and moon were made to swoon.
Light hiding in the darkness, all too soon
would pass away. Leading back to core.
A moving target in forevermore.
Eons lived without the striving masses.
Observer of the flow of time itself.
The earth stood still. The fear was nil.
And then the demon dumped me back
into the flow of time again. While the road
kept right on walking in my stead...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2005 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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