The White Light Turned

The white light turned to darkness.
In their goodness, evil dwelled.
Within the depths, enflamed emotions swelled.
They fed upon the innocent
and turned their lives obscene.
To wake and find the nightmare is no dream.
Seeking out the power of their intentions.
Where their modern day inventions can't abide.
Whirled away upon a growing tide.
Power surges, magic turning black.
Fissures in the earth caused by the tracks
that their desires always tread.
Secret wishes focusing their dread.
Pulling out the stops.
Dissolving all the locks along the way.
A greedy need to hold on to a whole
that turned to hell within their hands.
Auras leaking out in blood-stained strands.
Lovers that conceive an evil form of every-man.
Believing that they understood what lay beneath
their hooded effigies. Falling into their insanity.
Control that slipped and slithered through their minds.
Their blasphemy unhinging manmade time.
Ancestral haunting. Spirits stalking
far away from sodden earthen graves.
Refusing to agree to the degree of harm they cause.
Jealous of the mavericks and frauds.
Ravenous for thunderous applause.
Failing, never saving anyone.
The beat of rage held in an ancient drum.
In rhythms of defiance, dancing naked in the fields.
Seeking only yet another deal.
Secrets - to the highest bidder sold.
Pretending that they aren't growing old.
Messing up the atmosphere.
Breathing deep the tainted air.
Lying with black satin all around.
Unerringly lost in the cost of a life never found.
Their facts held high in icy climbs
of minds whose hearts were always blind.
As the white light turned to darkness
in their lives...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2005 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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