This Hard Place

Here, between the rock
and this hard place.
Dizzied by the stillness of
a space that has been stifled
within the human marketplace.
Head spinning in mutations
of a perilous old nation
that simply does not seem
to work these days.
Your level of discomfort squared.
You wish that you had never dared
be different from the crowd.
Their condemnation screams
too loud within your inner ear.
You cannot sleep.
The weeping heals nothing.
Fear barges in, immense in its intent.
Your concentration's altered.
You are shaking as it falters.
What used to be the best of you
has suddenly escaped your grasp.
Dissipated by the world at large.
The balance on your cards was overcharged.
There's nothing left and no one cares
where you might go to live these days.
The open road is tempting, but too long.
You used to feel so solemn and so strong.
Can't find a place where you can just hang on.
It's all way up in the air these days.
You can't go back. The future's glazed
with grand scenarios of your defeat.
Here, between the rock and that hard place.
Lost, the simple feel of loving grace.
Nowhere to run to and nowhere to hide.
Pressured by the peers outside.
Bound by all that's left inside.
Stone pillow for your head to lie upon
The simple pleasures, too, are gone.
The air is swarming with disease.
Breathing deep will only bring more pain.
Refrains keep playing in your head
that keep you quite insane.
Stuck, between the rock
and this hard place...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2005 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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