To Live

Timeless truth.
Reborn of youth.
Accessible in increments
that age the rage of pasts
left to us, all too undefined.
An ancient rhythm rises up.
We know it not, and yet we sup
upon the golden cup of its survival.
Reliving moments gilded firm
into our memories. Written words,
still painted on a page of utter white.
Without adornment, bringing
all the strife of life back to a place
where space can be imagined.
Vast tundra reaching further than
the aided eye can see. Upon this earth.
Within a turbulence they chose to call
the sea. Where all emotion gathers
just before it's born in us. In misty moments,
some have called it love. But oh, the pain
that lies there, in the wake of our survival.
Just when the gold all turned to darkness in
their soul and spoke to me. The skies become
no more than just a shroud that spouts another
kind of tainted, freezing rain. Just when
the timeless truth of nature intervenes.
The sun arises, desperately enduring
yet another mass of human beings born
within its cleansing light of dying dawn.
No one was ever really better than an other here.
For here, the deviation is the norm.
Floating clouds that never wished to intermesh
in storms. The soul of earth's revival spinning
in the errant winds. While moon and sun
remember when they used to love in earnest.
The one and only timeless truth
we ever need to live...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2005 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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