Too Deep

United by a bond too deep for words.
Emotions spiraling in secrets left unheard.
Images of loving passing all too quickly by.
Lost within the blue of endless skies.
But oh, don't lie. The truth must all come out.
The nagging fear. The ingrained doubt.
Such union must expose the everything.
Good grasping for the bad within
a grace that seems to swirl and swim.
Forgotten in a moment's ecstasy.
Floating back upon mind's restless sea.
As human cells of flesh inform the rest.
In quantum leaps that taunt and tease.
But never make much sense.
Intimate, the touch of such unknowing.
Sensible, the mind that turns away.
Alas, unwanted memories
invade each moment's privacy.
The knowledge can't be spent or sent away.
The locks upon your inner doors cannot
be made to stay the quest within your
weary walls. Wandering the halls,
a scent is all it takes to bring it back again.
Or there, that glint of sunlight glowing
fiery on the window pane. It hasn't really
changed at all, you know.
The love. The need.
The silent seeds that sunk
their roots so very long ago.
United by a bond too deep for words.
Feelings spiraling in secrets left unheard.
Uplifted, then brought down again.
The dreams of yore shared once again.
If only for a moment out of time.
But then, the ancient clock must chime.
And grieve the mighty absence
of the touch of this one love...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2004 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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