Too Soon

Fading fast into a memory.
Staging yet another fantasy.
Props in place. View finder set.
A feel of excitation comes, and yet -
something that's essential is still missing.
Sitting on the sofa, firelight blinking.
Release is planned, but still,
it doesn't touch the depth where
loving feelings fly.

The sight of flesh is surface deep, at best.
Enhanced by touch, the emotion aroused.
Where does it go...?
It seems to flow so far away from you.
Change scenes, the evening ends.
You close the door and find the
loneliness was waiting in the wings.

Porcelain fixtures, too spotlessly clean.
You worked so hard to build the dream.
How quickly all the dust and grime appear.
Once welcomed - every sense of drawing near.
But now, you're glad the evening had to end.
You look inside to find the paper fences are in flames.
The ash becomes another window frame.
Where once again you view the love -
across the distance gained.

Imagined bridges cross the span
of documents that couldn't plan ahead.
They never quite could reach the other side.
An emptiness surrounds the bridal bed.
You cry at night, instead of sleep.
The imaging had grown that deep inside.
Idols, nick-nacks, smashed apart.
Pictures taken in the park are burned.
For suddenly, you know they won't return.
Your home becomes mere wood and stone.
Too soon, too soon, the loving left you
all alone again...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2004 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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