They strive to overcome their fate.
The date is stamped into the mud.
Time is transparent here.
Fields of movement, clinging
to the air, as if long grasses
withered in another sunlit glare.
The mind grows weak.
The knees are shaking.
Touching close, a vision bares
itself into illusionary form.

She lived for her, then him,
then her again. And yet the end
had come to form again within
the cruelty of manmade time.
The cycles spun, out of control.
The wonder dimmed, as if the old
could be condemned for every sin
their pampered youth contained.

It's spilling over.
The generations, split apart,
are ever growing older.
While ancient mysteries
stand on their heads.
Trying to attract another
band of true light-hearted lovers.
Finding only youthful looks
that hold no innocence.

Spoiled rotten. Taught that
all the world revolves around them.
Unconscious of the empathy they bear.
Imbibing in distorted views that
hamper any paying of their dues.
As it was taught to them in schools
that never held authority.
Once known, but then forgotten,
all the lessons of the used to be.
As if the demons never dared
would rise in them in mutiny.

And yet their nature worked
its way within them still.
They'd never had to fill
their will with any power other
than their selfishness.
Sunk within an ocean of emotion.
Blinded eyes that never spied
the heavens bathed in light.
Walled into the corners of the four.
Moving at mach speed that eats
away at their endurance. Hurtling
around the world, while hurting
so inside. So much laid before them,
that they never could decide.

Pushed again and pushing back.
The wars of mortal men are black.
Sunken in a darkness all too real.
Seeking yet again to find the laughter
of their imminent, fast-passing childhood.
Born into a dying breed. Unable to
fulfill the need of love...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2005 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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