What For...?

It changes again.
According to an other's will.
Abiding by the rules
that are so cruel.
Cold as steel,
the scalpel cuts.
Lives are changed.
Rust colored blood
is mingling in their veins,
still unrelieved of
all the stress of this
duressed society.
Again, and yet again,
the cycles move them
into nothing much at all.
Even as the ever turns
to never in their grasp.
With memories thrust up
from ancient pasts.
Like water colors bleeding
back into themselves again.
Floodgates open into
an emotional review.
Nothing's changed.
There are no hints
to tell them what to do.
Forgetfulness just doesn't last.
The high found in the fact of fasts
just keeps on falling down.
Moments come, when no one
is around to see the sorrow and
the apathy let loose.
Silently, the scream becomes
abused as melodrama.
Thus, the trauma gains more strength.
Walking off the corners of the squares
they sell to us, in miniature. Wondering
how currency is driving us insane.
The root of all evil.
Yet still center stage.
Ruling in this age of rage.
Where worth is calculated
by the ice of mathematics.
As if there were no feeling left at all.
Years in the making.
The price is heartbreaking.
The meaning is splintered again.
Our spirits walk this earth in pain.
Just like the pain men cause Her.
Seeking yet more gain when
there is nothing left to give.
We rise. We wake. We live.
We used to think we knew what for.
Now every open door reminds us
that our future only comes with age.
Gathered in intensity.
Condemned in the immensity
of power that has never traveled
near their weary hearts...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2005 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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