Wise Woman

Deep in the forest.
Adrift in the mist.
An ancient wise woman exists.
Reflected in the eyes of those
who never dare to see.
Called crone and worse
she almost drifted out of history.
Betrayed and abandoned
by all man deemed best.
Despised by the others.
Refusing their tests.
Death reaches into their minds' eye.
They seek a scapegoat, far and wide.
She faces it, accepts its worth.
Then speaks the words aloud.
They wish that she herself
were in their shroud.
Blamed by their shame
while they're digging her grave.
Then forced to live as if within a cloud
composed of all they dare not cry aloud.
No matter that she once was just like them.
Deep in the forest. Alone in the mist.
Betrayed and abandoned
by all man deemed best.
The Dark Madonna weaves her spell.
From shadows where she's made to dwell.
Seeking all that is sublime.
Spirit shining out of time.
As the dark and the light
work their magic within
the warp and the weft and the spin...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2005 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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