Within the Wires

Within the wires
the spirits move.
A land on fire.
It all seems new.
Rushing into open eyes.
Dreams within a starlit sky.
Empty now, without
a touch of you.

Within the wires.
Cables reaching
down beneath the earth,
still seeking.
Flying through the skies
until we learn
to crash and burn.
We roam to Rome and Paris
then return to loneliness.

Within the wires.
Voices speaking.
In hope, a world of dreams
is keeping everything
we want just out of reach.
The need to touch is lost
in plastic keys.
Typing words of bliss,
the wires melt in misery.

Within the wires.
Airborn then.
A touch of wind
that breathes the spirit in.
The screen is blank.
The gods are ranked
by numbered hits
and bites and bits.

Within the wires
our world shrinks
as all we think
speeds ever far away.
Like frost upon the trees
that shimmers blindingly
through sunlit windows.
Frozen in the cold
that only burning wires
ever come to know...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2005 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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