Within This Space

Let's be honest here.
Within this space of white.
Sensations bring much more
than just emotional delight.
Digging deep, we wake into
a dark night of the soul.
Giving love, we find there is
no place that's left to go.

Unkempt and often trodden on.
These words cannot exempt us
from the truth of the emotion
that lies hiding deep within
those walls of light.
Our souls are still alive.
Albeit we smile as we cry.
Our cries would vent
the rage of loving spent.
While quietly, we seek
to ease the pain.

So let's be honest here.
Within this space of white.
Darkness seeks the realms
of living light. Soon or late,
we falter on the altar of belief.
We seek a balance
in between extremes.
Insanity is normal.
Even angels find a quarrel
The gods have never cared
for mortal schemes.

So linger here with me awhile.
Within this space of white.
Let's speak of love amid the sorrow.
Honestly engaging in release.
We, who finally fell so deep,
we simply couldn’t make it up again.
Listen. There is silence
that is calling out our names.
Within an honesty
that can't be tamed...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2004 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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