In the somber lands of the summer sea
the mists arise so naturally
that magic rarely ever is suspected.
Diving deep beneath the fleet
of solar flares and icy pleats,
the powers shifted, endlessly enacting
a formal blow of utterly commanding
silken waves of silver blue
that echoed down into the dues
of life and love in time and space.
Echoing a ghostly grace
of shadows ever changing form
in shades of colors being born.

Down into the core, the music moved.
The white-capped ocean's waves
could be so cruel through days
of crystalline composure.
Frozen in the door of its enclosure,
the endless symbol now must stir.
Millennia become a quickened blur.
The present's past caught
on the last goodbye.
Wielding incredible supplies
of power hewed by deadly deities.
Destruction was the instant interplay.
Abortion the condition of the day.

While steely eyes of amber opened wide
transporting life unto the other side.
Caught within a web of transposition.
All thought suspended as they really listened
to distant blares of trumpet flares.
Encountering the meaning of existence.
Feeling their way to subsistence.
Utterly alone within the crowd.
No one dared to shout it all aloud
as quietly, the center was absorbed...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2006 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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