Almost Alive

Nights sinking into sweet oblivion.
The mornings had a way of coming
much too soon to soothe her weary soul.
The sunlight, like a blaring strobe,
sinking into eyes that did not
wish to see the same old things again.
Stunned, another shock, and then,
black memories began to pour
themselves through every living pore.
Cells awash with all that
she had never wished to know.
Yearning for the end of morn's beginning.
Needing for the night to come again.
When all she was could start to blend
into the shadows' sweet oblivion.
Turning off the light within her mind.
When silence came, recordings on rewind.

Needing to believe in innocence.
Stretching out into a blessed sense
of never needing to believe
he'd had her all so easily.
Her loving heart demanding a replay
that stopped before she came upon the ways
he'd used her up and left her down there,
sinking in the waves of pain imposed.
Rejected by his methods of injection.
The love and hate, as one, became insane.
Endlessly repeating, those refrains of endless strain.
The afternoon was fading as her spring became unwound.
She buckled deep beneath the truth she found.
There, in those unending days of light.
Turning black in shadows of pure white...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2006 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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