Still the mind and fill the senses.
Lost innocence becomes invisible.
Just there, the pain becomes insane.
Moving on. The loss a gain.
Balancing the baseborn bottom line.
Youth speeding up such ordinary time.
The tension and the stress are not divine.
Instead, a sickness bleeding out of our societies.
Industrial, the waste that never leaves.
Competitive, the fight to death.
A flight of mankind's mortal jets.
Its fuel running lower than the high.
Invaded by another set of lies.
Where groupies put the poison in the soup.
We eat it, knowing that we have been duped.
When common sense becomes uncommon.
The soldiers rape another woman.
Sick honor found within the duty done.
As there within the streets the children run.
With no home waiting there for them.
The punishment without the sin.
And then they start it all again.
Above the floods, the clouds still rain
down upon the lonely and the weak.
While politicians give another speech
just before they leave for safer ground.
They still their minds and fill their senses.
The innocents are used as scapegoats.
Just there, the pain becomes insane.
They fly above the stain that keeps inflating.
Running from the storms of their creation.
Hiding out in opulence.
Projecting all their many sins

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2005 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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