Become Too Real

A fascination with that
which will cause us great harm.
An obsession with an alien appeal.
To be loved by a body and mind, minus heart.
Just coming, to have to depart.
Opening and closing
all the windows and the doors.
Screaming out in pain
as something bends you to the floor.
With "no" the only message sent.
Your understanding twisted, bent.
The age of your endurance spent.
Uninformed by any honesty.
Trapped in an emotive fantasy.
The magic turned into another
taste of science as disease.
The black and white have altered,
turned into a muddy gray.
Life sacrificed on altars
of a stainless steel display.
The agony once held within
is finally fighting back.
You realize the reference
that sent your life off-track.
No matter any memories,
you never can go back.
You must go on.
Sinking in the silence of the pond.
Like leaves unburdening the trees.
Or ice that covers huge levees.
When options all have opted out
and no one's there to hear you shout.
All independence blowing in the breeze.
Branches broken. Seeping sap.
Stopped from crossing o'er the gap.
Intentional, they leave you all alone.
Where once you lived within their hearts,
that space has turned to stone.
And you are sunk
by all the love you gave
that never was returned.
It doesn't matter where you look,
the landscape stays the same.
Studying another book
can't even make a claim
on where your thoughts
keep running to. Sensing
that great alien appeal.
Obsessed by all the pain
become too real...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2005 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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