Begins to Spin

When he means she
and us means them.
The world just begins to spin.
We really aren't all the same.
No matter rules of any game.
The difference lies too deep,
within intention.

One love that turns us into two.
Retreating from the multitude.
A blinding white of light that burns.
Where love is lost and trust is turned
into its opposite.

Paranoid but not delusional.
This solitude is quite unusual.
The party's getting loud next door.
We close our eyes and reach for more.
But find an empty space that should be filled.
It never came about by our own will.

The mind is overrated.
While emotions come embalmed.
Within a look that almost seems too calm.
For we learned our lessons well in school.
Hold it in. Don't ever tell
another soul the way you really feel.

Pasted faces growing hair.
We live the dark. They never dared
to look inside themselves that deep.
A shiver comes from their blank eyes.
I don't know why - I weep.

For all of the potential loving lost.
For all the blame that living there
beneath the surface costs.
For arrogance, too cold and cruel.
For all the crazy golden rules.
Where ownership extends
through human flesh.

The hook is stuck.
The reel is broken.
Someone, somewhere
once had spoken truth.
A voice within the mind
reminds of us of a different time.
When you and I shared ecstasy
in moody attitudes.

But the crowds still linger there.
Within our minds.
Extending into dreams.
Yelling out but never quite
the scream we need to hear.
Using words of vanity that
move the fair too far away to find.
Not wishing to be part of what
they always called our kind.

When he means she
and us means them.
The world just begins to spin.
We're taken back.
We've been off track.
Redeemed by all the love
that's coming back...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2005 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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