Anger laced with fascination.
Seeking out his own damnation.
Darkness rising in the light.
Shadows of his righteous fright.
Slayer of all innocence, he fled.
There within the awesome night,
he bled into a pain too great to feel.
Discovering he'd never been quite real.
Intuiting a blasphemous infusion
that destroyed belief as if a sick illusion
stuck within him, lived him on.

As all the many faces shattered.
Leaving him as less than matter.
Yet more, somehow, than he had ever been.
Digesting yet another ingrown sin.
Cells fountaining in strength where darkness grows.
No matter how he shrunk from graven growth.
Flying high on fantasies of power.
Running through each increment of hours
that aged, manly minds had manufactured.
Finding that its order had been fractured.
Swimming in an ancient sea of chaos.
Swept by waves becoming more than sea.
Adventuring through all eternity.

Cursing out his immortality
Fated to outlive even the feel of insecurity.
He laughed as only demons can.
Speeding through the awesome spans
of mind that's come to know itself at last.
But he couldn't shake the pain of his own past.
Born of cruelty within his acts.
Seeking still a greater power to blame.
Seething red, the color of his shame.
Blood flowing from inhuman veins.
Ingesting every drop of rain.
Too cold to ever feel his heart again...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2005 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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