Liquid Lightning

Liquid lightning slashed the night.
Hovering just out of sight.
As if impending doom could leave a trail.
Youthful strength becoming all too frail.
Sailing through on silvery light.
A hint of mystery's device.
Alien, a scent of molten vice.
Divided from reality.
Entrenched emotionality
enforced the shaking limbs
of shadows falling.
Goals crumbling into debris.
A blossoming eternity
of pain engaged the grip
of minds grown wild.
Disoriented and depressed.
The view an ever growing mess
of opportunities that disappeared.
Too full of fear to gaze within the mirror.
Becoming, but not knowing what.
Enveloped in an other's plot
that wielded a grip of great control.
Lost - the goodness of the whole.
Ghostly whispers took to winged flight.
Liquid lightning slashing through a night
that brought the end to every new beginnings.
While taking form within the withered lighting,
the mares of the night began to run...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2006 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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