Reaching Deep

Everything's changing.
Beyond all control.
A new pattern moving
through spaces deemed old.
Another way to phrase it:
perhaps we all were moved
inside the whole.

Stirring mind and heart and senses.
Feeling soul, immense in its appeal.
In moments that seemed utterly surreal.
While blinking wide, the eyes must tell the truth.
The change is real.

Our own rejection not an option.
Acceptance was decreed
from somewhere else.
With subtle might,
the night dreamed day
into extraordinary ways of being.

The magic returning.
The healing is nigh.
In transit through channels
for too long thought dry.
The powers of the soul
inspire mind.

Stealing through each
empty, mired moment.
Transitions swiftly reaching
to the heart of all that is.
Subtly endearing feelings
finding once again their bliss.

As spirits fly
into a sky
so starkly blue
it has imbued
an infinite meandering
within, yet out of mind.
And everything is moved within the whole.
A gentle shifting, focusing the soul.
Opening the inner eye to see
the ever-changing union
of the opposites believed
so separate.

Now touching close - eternity,
as reaching deep, we change again
into the essence of the meant-to-be...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2005 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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