Singing Sorrow

Singing sorrow into beauty spent.
Accepting once again the innocence.
The deepest mysteries are never solved.
They float as mist on seas that still evolve.
Wisps of color. Tinted hues.
Floating through the magic of the blues.
And through it all, the feel of missing you.
Clinging to the emptiness
you left behind that you might fly.
Wondering if soul still spun
those dreams of light within your eyes.
Wishing that it all were said and done
that I might join you in your ardent wandering.
Weight easing up a bit these days.
Then coming back. Can't find my way
back to the love that used to flow between us.
Channels clogged and filled with flotsam.
Memories of hearts' conjunction.
Lost amid the neediness of touch.
Overrated sex in grasping clutch.
Even as our youth was fading.
Reaching soul to soul, relating.
There is magic - good and bad and nil.
Mistakes ingrained by hardened wills.
They broke us on their grounds of jealousy.
I wander where the lonely sea abides.
Through forests that are old but never wise.
Giving in to cutting force.
The world is lesser for the loss.
Despising all the greed we never lived.
Dying in the need to just forgive.
Singing sorrow into beauty spent.
And then within a rhythm, heaven-sent.
Accepting once again love's innocence...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2005 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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