The Hardest

The waiting is the hardest
when the mind is focused there.
Amid the stress of those who do not care.
Where numbers shoot like falling stars.
And no one cares just who you are.
Or who you might become
if only you might have your share
of all the loving too.

Honesty is overrated.
Facts are drawn from old,
castrated male images of deity.
The Goddess is outraged.
The seas are tossed and turned.
Humanity has gone insane.
Killing by a yen of high power.
Murdering in minutes turned to hours.
Battling each other for the things
they never owned. As their
hostility cuts swiftly into bone.

Where once there was a dignity in honor.
Where ethics used to make us stop
and bother to extend a helping hand.
Now greed and lust are swallowing the land.
The pain is born by way of others hands.
The suffering still unabated.
As they choose to create hate again.
Forgetting it was love that
always made the world spin.

The waiting is the hardest
when the hope of love is gone.
And we wish ourselves to death
to be reborn...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2005 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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