The Room of You

Further and further and further away.
A ghost in space as time is swayed.
The young, the old, the middle aged.
All pacing in an open cage
created by a mental energy.
That voice in my head.
Those predictions of doom.
It echoes from some other room.
Where voices should be dead.
Drifting on a vagrant wind
where dreams depart too soon.
Sifting through the spider's web.
Another endless tune that spins
itself into the shape of men
that will not go away.
Wandering while following the thread.
Haunting me in shadows deep with dread.
A warning full of deep vibrations.
Lost within the variations.
Twisting through the turns of labyrinths.
On paths that only lead to a dead end.
In shattered, tattered shrouds of clothes.
With ringing bells upon the toes.
Walking through the spirits straight ahead.
Moistened by an application.
Crying out in consternation.
Buying yet another useless theme.
Waking up into the gray
of yet another gloomy day.
No purpose waits for me to fill.
Those ghostly modes all disappeared
the day that I got caught within your will.
Where voices whine within my head.
It echoes from the room of you.
Where voices should be dead...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2005 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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