Tide of Affairs

A tide in the affairs of families
A breaking apart and a throwing away
of love that's always meant to stay.
Within the core, within the center.
AS within the healthy cells are withering.
Seeking power from the age of hours.
Psychic infections producing yet more war.
Inspiring a domination of each elemental force.
Excluding every message from the source.
Instincts running wild in the fire
of a passion that has lost its innocence.
Birthing giants in an evil sense
of power lust in ownership enhanced.
Minds rising up within a revolution
of standard forms' acquired dissolution.
By culture turned into mass marketing.
In those refusing heart's engendering.
Democracy has been misplaced somehow.
Its seat of power desecrated now.
By instincts never trained to grow.
In fake illumination, all imploding
like a river in the darkness flowing
with nowhere left to go.
Unheeding of their own insanity.
Bleeding for the old profanities.
Professing difference in the same
essential of the primitive untamed.
Compulsively demanding, like a king.
Degraded by the throes of the extreme.
Will he sleep or must he dream...?
another manifestly riddled scheme
of an endurance that is always only
preened within a mirror's opposite.
Where black and white become the gray.
And right and wrong begin to sway
to rhythms of an other's beating drum.
Attempting to defeat the morning sun.
Defying stars and moonlit glow.
Empowered by a dying fire's flow.
Lost within a wealth of words,
they murder soul's priority
with mental manifestos
that remain in the asbestos
fast ingested by the dead majority.
Pleading for a wealth
that only breeds minorities.
Faltering on manmade altars.
Dark the deeds and deep the waters
that reside in minds without a heart...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2005 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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