Alpha/Omega, beginning and end
birth and death within the blend
of opposites' magnetic force
that grows as ever from the source

and leads the way to exploration
to the journey, first imagination
as little by little, we open the door
to the conscious universe and more

archetypal in power, alive in the scope
in swirls of energy, feelings of hope
joining together, the vision expands
to include the ancient never-lands

bound in mists of human making
dispersing in the alternating
movement of mind through each heart and each soul
that joins, within love, to the whole

Alpha/omega, the last and the first
as womb of uroborus bursts
wide open to join with the infinite dance
of the all and the everything taking a chance

in a leap of faith that worldwide
increases the strength of the growing tide
of the dream of conscious mind creating
the vision now substantiating

destiny of mind's own matter
the two as one will surely shatter
illusions of our loneliness
to lead to life's eternal bliss

of love within the stream that flows
within the realm of afterglow

Copyright 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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