Child's Play

They draw her in
then walk away
pretending it's a game to play
and leave her feeling empty and bereft

and so the game is played
in patterns of precision
the only rule:
that they retain control

Pretending that they care
while all the while they dare
to take the love she shares
and give her nothing back but enmity

As time goes on
these patterns of relationship
become ingrained within her being
She grows within the circle of their lies

A sick enchantment had been cast
as the trance induced took form
to become unending discord
within a mind unborn

She knew there had to be another way
as she felt the love within her heart
expand and contract by others' dictate
and so she searched…

The answers found
were links within the chain
that led her to reclaim
the rights denied at her birth

the right to exist, to be alive
the right to love and be loved
the right to have her needs fulfilled
without having to pay the price
of the cutting edge of others' anger

It took her half a lifetime
to finally find a friend
unlike them in every way
Accepting her for what she was

encouraging the dream she had
of the world as it was meant to be
connected to infinity…

believing in the magic of nature:
the earth below, the sky above
an endless and eternal love
free to all who dare reach out and touch
the magic that this world needs so much

Although he was committed
to the family ties that bind
still he took the time to show her how
to break their spell by his example

and forever will her love for him
be free…

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 1998 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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