What I miss the most
is the feel of you and I together
when no one and nothing
stood in our way

with love's energy flowing
so strong and so true

the past disappearing
the future unknown
bringing each moment
to completion

in movement or stillness
awake or asleep
even in quiet moments
of solitude

then, with joy rushing
like a river through our souls
we would come
together once more

and to look, was to see

and to close our eyes was to feel
the ecstasy within the dream
of you and I together

but then the world intruded
upon the paradise we were creating
and tore us apart

yet even now, it's true
you will be here
in my heart

the thought beneath my every word
the urge behind each action

and now I sleep
perchance to dream
of paradise made real

and awake to know
you were with me yet again
with no one and nothing
standing in our way

and life is once again

Copyright 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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