Hatred consumes
Like a living flame
it sears the soul

It lies beyond the reach of reason
unresponsive to the rational
untouchable by will of human strength
insanity would be a welcome relief
for those who live within its sway

The north wind blows
howls in their veins
barbarian in its savagery
and god laughs at their misery
while he prods and pushes them
to the brink of the chasm

to live at the extremity of agony
tormented by some unseen entity
a formless wraith whose tainted presence
drains away all good

Evil exists
within the human essence
and without

this inheritance, genetic dormancy
awakens at times
even as it wishes itself away
back to the oblivion of unknowing

no one alone can withstand its pull

ůso some give themselves to that satanic friend
accepting hatred as they once accepted love

And the world rejoices at their pain
another victory as one more tortured victim
folds under its machinations
They give themselves to you, sweet pain
an avalanche of the unspeakable

Yet most will never know
for their masks, unbreakable
will always wear a smile
as they live in secret hatred

And when there's no one left to fool
no one left to care
a singular serenity seems to envelope them
as they accept the shadowed presence
as their own

that they may know
this perfect darkness
as their home...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 1998 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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