Early Morning High

Mists on top of mountains high
in hues of sunrise meet the sky
of blue, so vivid tears are born
in dewdrops on this brand new morn

Waters of the lake, so still
become the canvas of the hills
and trees surrounding paradise
as over peaks sun's rays arise

to conquer darkness of the night
with constant, ever-living light
of deity in nature's form
time and time again, reborn

The earth responds to moments of
the greatest ever-living love
while birds compose the sweetest song
that sends the love of all along

cross-currents of each heart's desire
whose ember now becomes the fire
of passion for a life of grace
as o'er the world love fills the space

that once upon a time was bare
now ever-living love will share
the joy brought down from heaven's sphere
the sight, the sound, a silent tear

to heal the wounds of sorrow/pain
to lift the smallest creature, gain
perspective of the higher view
as letting go, we flew

through realms of wonder, magic making
always giving love, while taking
base emotion and transforming
darkest night to sunlit morning

early in the mountains high
allowing earth to touch the sky
to blend into the greatest awe
We lived, we sensed, we saw

the miracle of life unfolding
as sunrise on the mountains golden
Clouds expanding and re-forming
over peaks in early morning

speak of possibilities
and the vast potentiality
of love...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 1998 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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