Earth's Sorrow

An immense sorrow
wells up within me now
The sky is gray and hanging low
The earth grieves

Sorrow born of lack of love
chill of dampness
created of teardrops unrelieved

This earth
oh mighty, tender mother of us all
how eternally she grieves for us
sustaining spirit unrelieved

Raindrops of sorrow
mist of cleansing
dewdrops of joy
all contained within her moisture

and stillness reigns
hush o'er forest falls
while deep within the earth
her heart beats slow and steady
to calm, to heal, to ease the many pains

One lone bird dares cry out
perched within distant trees
as echoes of her loneliness resound
reaching ear of spirit's counterpart

Inside, where resonance begins
the slowly burning ember warms
as time and distance disappear
The newborn flame will sere

to harmonize the dissonance
new order from the chaos born
and from the earth, the clouds, the sun
a melody of wind is born

in this moment now
when all of life is bornů

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 1998 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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