The God of Intellect is dead
what power will rule in his stead?
for he refused to feel
the crux of what is real

disregarding love with all the rest
denying what is best
then wondering what hes done wrong
when emotion, powerful and strong

comes crashing through the ordered mind
Will darkness reign, or will we find?
a softer light beyond this doubt
as tunnel vision opens out

a pattern, all-encompassing
connecting us to everything
as energy flows
and we juxtapose

the heart with mind
the soul with flesh
and finally intermesh
all that we find

within the shadows
See the moon glows
brightly as the sun reflects
the powers that deflect

its burning rays
and that power is here to stay
as the God of Intellect descends
into the shadows without end


Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All rights reserved
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