Eternal Vision

Silence speaks within a void of pain and sorrow
tears flow in streams of time into tomorrow
as every dream and hope is torn apart
before a new dream, conceived within the heart

is born

The tears are part and parcel of
the greater stream of love
where great emotions join the flow
of a mighty heart that knows

the loneliness of dreams long held
at bay while children part, then meld
into awareness, dark and light
creating shadows in the night

of mystery to lead us to
the blending of the old and new
while the unity of one maintains
uniqueness, and the soul remains

a point of light in rays that ever shine
a particle within the greater mind
built upon the ancient and the wise
As angels come to earth in mortal guise

to lead the seekers to the sight
of this ever-burning point of light
Life is the movement of the stream
of the infinite, eternal dream

Copyright 1998 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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