Living Dream

As if awake within a living dream
I feel the flow of a loving stream
of energy just newly risen
and all I have is given

to make this dream reality
to bring to earth divinity
as mind and matter form one whole
beyond mere thought of soul

I enter into living light
and see beyond mere mortal sight
the source of every living thing
within the light, the angels sing

in harmony of greater force
to form the stream, the living course
of sacred space where mind and matter
become the whole that shatters

base illusions, separation
becoming higher incantation
as if the gods themselves were drifting
through my being, gently sifting

through the memories of mind
through my feelings, each in kind
gaining knowledge held within the cells
of matter, as the magic swells

to heal the wounds of days gone by
and finally free, I fly...

Copyright 1998 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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