The world falls apart around me
I, myself, am the center of the maelstrom
I am chaos
I am destruction
All others remain untouched
by shadow's darkness
While I wander, undone
alone in my confusion
beyond the sanity of order
in the realm of chaos' reign

Destructive forces tear away
all that once seemed real
Myself, my own, are led astray
as chaotic voices steal
the rational, idealistic
life that once was mine
leaving only mass confusion
in its place behind

And time,
that potent mass illusion
unravels in my mind
becoming void of uncreated
rhythm without rhyme

Yet harmony goes on, unhindered
just beyond my reach
and soul becomes the greatest sinner
unaware that I beseech
the greater forces masked by matter
archetypal in their power, sway
yet none arrive to save, deliver
my life from darkness' sway

The darkness has assumed control
of recessed inner realms of peace
What good the pain
when never realized
by all of the collective mind?

Forces in the mind evoke
a new and daring vision
forever coming clearer

That place where dreams are born

Outcast of the world of mothers
wandering the streets alone
rejected and rejecting fathers
nowhere left to go

Is there, somewhere, room for me
and visionary spirits, free
who see the world as multi-layered
joined by strand ethereal
The greater whole in all its glory
waiting to unfold

Will I ever find my kin?
Separate, yet all the same
perception falters at the brink
the borderline of all unknown
within a mind that can no longer think

Where all that matters is the movement
of forces thought to be divine
The underlying harmony
dissolves beyond our space and time

And chaos rules in underworld
the foundation of reality
Creative force arisen now
and naught is as it ought to be

Right and wrong revolve in dance
of spirit always seeking
reflection of an other's stance
to come to world revolving

And in the chaos, love evolves
beyond the rational, 
the right,
the sane
While sanity itself dissolves
no longer to contain

the energy so long encased
within the mind of mortal man
and Gods and Goddesses reclaim
the flow of time in grains of sand

ethereal, the vision quickens
becoming base reality
and all that was in power sickens
in androgen's ascendancy

reclaiming all that once was split
rejoining the division
into one whole, as if by writ
of host of every extraordinary soul
that ever walked the other worlds

And from the pain evolved the gold
An era ends
and with its death
a mighty rush of joy resounds
a rebirth and a renaissance

Compassion, empathy, appeal
redeem the lost and lonely soul
and every heart will open, view
the vision of the whole
as fire, earth, the water, air
join in new made unity

Only one, still lost, I wander
security will never be
the place I seek to find
But Psyche's world
where love revealed
will mesh and mend and bind


Chaotic aspects long denied
will revel in the light
long sought for love will then delight
the child that is now set free

Where arid earth creates the thirst
that longs for drops of life
containing still, the seed, the hope
of growth, of birth, of life

by means of water - heavy, weighted
reflecting and absorbing rays
of sun (long known to wither, dry)
evaporating moist and wet

But then the heavens cry
the tears of moisture's movement
awakening the seed of life 
as out of chaos, calm is bornů

A tree with mighty limbs that sway
and like the chain of life it stays
the same while ever changing form

While life means death and death means life
the paradox enables all that ever was
of what will be
Eternity revolves

From light and heat, the wind arises
logos lost in swirling storm
of Eros rising to renew
the world of shape and form

Take in/spit out
destroy to then renew
the vortex of the soul will split
and then rejoin the view

of unity, the whole of life
while from the ash arisen
phoenix-form of soul in flight
sun and moon within the vision
built by darkness in the light

And out of chaos, lovers form
reflecting meaning deep and pure
Increasing flow of understanding
from the depths of fear

A dream of chaos
awakes again the seer
of all that one can feel

to hope
to sight
to form
to feeling
free and never-ending 
answer to my prayers

Expressive, not explanatory
emotions - always rational
when thinking thoughts of soul's survival
within the mind and matter formed
while love becomes the rhyme and reason
of a heart reborn

From womb of darkness,
watery deeps of incubation,
all light is born anew
liquid fire - intoxication
joy within the sorrow grew

They are what they're supposed to be
it's I that needed change
within the wondering, surcease
while all connections rearrange
and yet another world view
advances with the storm
from chaos, the invisible,
is born the safe and warm
enhancing breeze of summer day
that slows
until all movement ceases
and black and white become the gray
confused within the clarity
of sun seen through humidity

Death or life?
To harm, to heal?
destructive creativity

Banished thoughts of right and wrong
dissolving into mist
become the flow of love within
a heart reborn to live

Never has the world been so alive
Never have the colors seemed so vivid
the air so fresh
the sky so blue
as when created by destruction
The dance of life goes on

As from the sorrow, joy is born
in scope, its heights as broad
as grief is deep

And so, 
she cried the tears of all the world
so that, in flux,
the joy might be released
abundance born of scattered seed
with love, the light of energy

And when the burning light unveiled
creates in forms of shadows playing
darkness in its turn is born
the circle ever spinning

Darkness is but a valley of the light


Copyright© 1998 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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