Millennium's Movement

Closer, ever closer, moving
toward the union become bliss
through cycles of the days improving
toward the first, essential kiss

Upon the brow, a butterfly
perches, singing silent sound
then with the breeze will rise and fly
and spread the stardust all around

while love, just out of sight, will shine
illumining the greater view
and a sliver of the moon will climb
through velvet sky, while love renews

the peace of knowing every hope
will come to life upon the slope
of footsteps on the forest trail
as two hearts sip from the ancient grail

remembering the times to come
in dreams of a new millennium
when the heart of earth will open wide
that we may  know the other side

of the call within the heart, the breast
'tis but the heart's desire for home
I feel in fires deeply meshed
black velvet skies of heaven's throne

as ancient as the furthest burning star
sweet dreams to live within the morrow far
as one star lights the way for all to see
the love that heart and spirit have set free

Copyright 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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