And so the birth of body into soul
the pain as part rejoins the greater whole
to ease the way for those who surely follow
into the dream of ever in tomorrow

guided by the souls who came before
flowing through the ever-opening door
into the weave of light in unity
of love within, the true divinity

forever being born within each heart
where a flow eternal now will start
to paint new scenes of bright tomorrows
to weave the theme within the sorrows

contained within each heart and soul
to create an ever-living whole
that flows in unison with streams
of love within the one eternal dream

and the sun upon my skin reveals
the power that renews the zeal
to share and thus communicate
this feeling to all those who wait

for a sign, a symbol to relieve
what, in pain, the soul receives:
a new vision of creative view
as the world is born anew

then a breeze cools the heat of the ever-burning
starshine, there, in daylight yearning
to become the healing born
of feeling in our mortal form

to rest, to wake, to thus renew
the golden sheen of greater view
as earth beats rhythmed rhyme of mind
and the infinite returns to time

Words to thought
to vision sought
allowing all to see
the spirit setting matter free

Copyright 1998 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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